96 Mobile Learning App Ideas (#SLCONF 2012)

Ben Betts ran a session on mobile learning at the Social Learning Conference this morning. In it he asked delegates to create 100 ideas for mobile learning apps. You can see Ben kick off the session (above) and find the 96 ideas below. Over lunch Ben and I typed up the notes and in the process we have lost four ideas.

Formal learning
1 Collect feedback from the group
2 Create a Learning log
3 Create an action plan whilst on a course
4 Access scheduled webinars
5 Twitter comments and q&a during a course
6 Speak to your course tutor on the phone!
7 Listen to podcasts
8 Mobile training needs analysis – evaluate pre-existing skills and knowledge and propose how to reach an end point
9 Pre and post course chat room
10 Text reminders of key learning points from the course

Skills development
11 Watch YouTube videos on a skill
12 Record a speech and share to get feedback
13 Flashcards!
14 Top tips app (tip of the day?)
15 Access activities to put your learning into practice
16 Coaching app for managers
17 Spelling + multi sensing approach
18 Numeracy skills game
19 Role play simulation of tough conversation before having it
20 ‘how to’ skills guides

Group directed learning
21 Wiki creation tool
22 Skype conferences
23 Share tips within a group and rate your peers
24 Chat rooms for pre and post course sharing
25 Create and share how-to videos and documents within the group
26 Tag top content from the web and push to cohorts for them to rate it
27 Film yourself completing essential tasks for your role and share via mobile
28 Find each other on the go and co-ordinate a location to get together

29 Find venues!
30 Find other people doing the same course in your area to talk to offline
31 Treasure hunt – unlock content based on location
32 Find where people are, right now
33 Co-ordinate an impromptu meeting
34 An induction tour of your new office
35 Meet people near you with like interests
36 Fire safety compliance – follow the escape route and track via GPS
37 Check in your location when out of the office
38 Automatically turn your out of office on when you aren’t there!
39 Find workstations within buildings

40 Texting
41 Chat/text four instantt feedback
42 Skyping for real time interction
43 Real time chat with a subject matter expert
44 Push out tweets to raise awareness
45 Share lessons learned with succinct tweets
46 Webinar via screen/video ability
47 Twitter backchannel

User generated content
48 Sahre how to videos
49 Record learning, feedback for instructor, share experiences
50 Film or photograph steps in a process that need to be learned
51 Record conversations with customers etc
52 Interviews on topics and links to external resources
53 Voice and text

Augmented reality
54 QR codes for pre and post course work, process plan, marketing course info, handouts
55 Triggers to play key content on a video
56 Blockbuster drugs – facts, figures, therapeutic areas
57 Bullying app – pick a colleague and send undermining messages anonymously
58 Virtual world for on boarding. Meeting other new starters before day one
learn how to be a tour guide
59 Avatars for ‘safe’ bring out new processes
60 App to show where people in the business physically sit

Performance support
61 App that offers a quick diagnostic of issue with short learning object
62 Instant answers to questions
63 Suject experts assigned knowledge areas and are notified when question comes in
64 Call a friend (subject matter expert)
65 SMS reminders to do things
66 Scan QR codes attached to equipment to access help
67 Picture of thing that needs fixing sent to help desk
68 Access quick reference material
69 Posting questions
70 Access videos to overcome real time challenges in the field

Knowledge management
71 Access and edit FAQ wiki – the qwiki!
72 IT engagement
73 Share likes, tag content
74 Mobile help desk
75 Record a quick tip
76 Chat deck
77 Rate user generated content
78 Tweet questions and have an expert respond
79 Curate the company knowledge base
80 Use social functions to post reflections on knowledge
81 Book summary and recommendations
82 Use a tool like ever note to organise your own documents
83 Create a shared folder (Dropbox) for your project team

84 Voice recognition that ‘zaps’ you when you do something stupid!
85 Record and share evaluation data
86 Record a performance note in real time and upload to performance mgt system
87 Commenting / adding skills to another persons profile
88 Ability to rate peoples skills on their profile (360 feedback?)
89 Rating content that other people create
90 Hashtag tweet reviews of events
91 How to provide feedback app
92 Temperature gauge app – how are people feeling right now?
93 Crowd source process feedback and suggested changes
94 App to record development experiences that could be used by PM system
95 Tweet or text new ideas for content
96 Face recognition for how your feeling about an experience

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