25% of Employers Use Social Recruiting – DWP

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has revealed that over 75% of employers fail to use Social Networking sites to find staff.

The DWP survey of 200 employers, carried out in association with recruitment firm Harvey Nash, found fewer than 25% of businesses regularly used websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook as part of their recruitment process.

However, the poll suggested that firms were waking up to the growing relevance of social media for sourcing new skills. While just 15% were worried about missing new recruits by not using sites like Twitter, 44% predicted that social networking would become more important in the future.

According to a DWP Spokesperson:

Using social networking is an effective and economical way to source new talent, especially for smaller firms. Most firms see this new avenue for recruitment becoming more influential – and it’s free. Jobseekers who use social media to find work have already demonstrated a level of tenacity and creativity that would add value to any business.

Employers who regularly use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of their recruitment processes claim they would have overlooked key new recruits if they hadn’t tapped into social networks.

In addition, 73% of employers surveyed believe social networking will become more and more important as a source of identifying new employees over the next two years.

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