BeKnown: Changing the Face of Facebook


Launch of BeKnown addresses major worries with mixing working and social lives in social networks

June 27, 2011 – Monster launches BeKnown, bringing the world’s leader in connecting people with jobs opportunities to the largest and most active social network.

BeKnown allows you to build a professional network on Facebook, while keeping your friends separate from your work-related contacts. By connecting directly with Monster, it also gives access to hundreds of thousands of employers and over a million live job opportunities from within the app. All of the jobs are fully searchable and shareable with your contacts.

BeKnown gives greater control of the way you run your professional and social lives online. Research* reveals that almost two-thirds (62 per cent) of workers in the UK are concerned about mixing friends and professional contacts on social networks. These concerns seem to be fully justified as two in five (41 per cent) have had, or know someone that has had, problems as a result of work colleagues seeing what’s on their social network page. The biggest issue, affecting one in five people (21 per cent), is the awkward scenario of a work colleague who wants to join your personal social network, but you don’t want them mixing with your social circle. Other common issues, affecting one in five people (19 per cent), are a friend posting a comment they didn’t want an employer to see, while one in six (17 per cent) have been tagged in a photo they didn’t want work colleagues seeing.

“We all have a friend we would never bring to a job interview or introduce to our boss, so why mix the two when you’re online? We’re bringing jobs and employers onto Facebook on your terms, making it easier than ever to keep your working life separate from your social life. You can tap millions of people on Facebook, identifying and connecting in new ways to help you find the next step in your career,” said David Henry, VP of Media & Digital Marketing EMEA at Monster.

With BeKnown, Facebook users can now:

  • Solve the dilemma of mixing friends and family with professional contacts
  • See who among your professional contacts is connected to a company or job opportunity you are interested in
  • Build a professional network from your Facebook contacts as well as people you know on other social networks
  • Give and receive professional endorsements to your contacts based on specific skills – making it easier for employers to match you with job opportunities
  • Search over a million active job opportunities without needing to leave Facebook
  • Soon to come – social referral program

*Research conducted by KRC Research in June 2011 amongst 4,017 adults aged 18+ in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Netherlands and including 1,015 people in the UK who are either currently employed or looking for a job