Review of the afternoon sessions at #smart2013

David Henry, VP of marketing UKIE at Monster Worldwide, started the afternoon with a look at the potential of big data in recruitment. Henry told delegates that recruitment is no stranger to data – job boards alone generate millions of job search queries each month.

The issue, he said, was to make sense of the data that we generate. He talked through Monster’s semantic search tool SeeMore, which sits over the Monster suite of recruitment services.

This aims to makes sense of unstructured data from a variety of sources. Henry said there was a huge potential for employers to use data to place internal candidates but that internal performance data on employees was poor. He said employers spend huge amounts of money finding out about external candidates when they should be looking to get good data on internal candidates to help internal mobility and to provide predictive analytics for workforce planning i.e. using data to understand when people might leave and the skills that would be required.

Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld shared the story of his company and the work it had been doing making a great mobile experience for candidates. To do this, Jibe employed 11 engineers to build APIs for US applicant tracking systems. That means Jibe can work with the ATS to provide a seamless mobile application process. This includes the ability to upload a CV in one of five ways – via copy and paste, email, Dropbox, PDF of Linkedin profile or Google Docs.

Essenfeld said Jibe was working with UK clients and said they would be announcing a major new client in the UK in the next few weeks.

John-Paul Caffery shared this video to help explain the changing world of recruitment. He explained that agencies can use the Job Post platform to pitch their candidates to employers (crowdsource them), many of whom they would never get to pitch to because they would not be big enough to get on their preferred supplier list.

Caffery said the recruitment agencies were still relevant and there were thousands more today than there were 10 years ago.

Listen to conference moderator Alan Whitford review the afternoon sessions:


A review of the morning sessions at #smart2013

The morning sessions at today’s Social, Mobile and Recruitment Technology Summit took delegates from the macro trends affecting the global workforce to how Unilever is using Linkedin and Facebook to the mobile aspirations of Linkedin.

Jason Corsello, VP of marketing and corporate strategy at Cornerstone OnDemand, told delegates that the bigger picture of global resourcing is shaping recruitment trends.

Forty years ago the brightest students were graduating out of the US. Now they are graduating from Korea and Finland and a whole range of other countries, but no longer just the US and the UK.

Corsello shared this slide on where Google is hiring its talent.

Add this global talent pool to the fact that the growth of working age people around the world will be flattening in the coming 50 years and you see a picture of resourcing becoming a global discipline rather than a local one.

You can see Carsello’s presentation here:

This global local point was picked up by Charu Malhotra, global resourcing projects manager (employer branding) at Unilever. Charu said the FMCG giant had focused its efforts on Facebook and Linkedin to drive its number one channel for recruiting – referrals.

Hers was a story of content, marketing and data. For both Facebook and Linkedin she worked closely with the networks to understand how to deliver content to local communities through global pages. For Facebook this involved delivering targeted content via the IP (i.e. Russian IP delivers Russian content).

On Linkedin, Unilever developed one global page and four global functional pages. By talking with Linkedin and understanding the data, Unilever started to target content based on user preferences. It uses updates to help build longer-term relationships with users.

Linkedin also scrapes jobs twice a day from Unilever’s careers site to ensure all jobs are displaying on the network.

Despite the complexity and scale of networks, Charu advised delegates to choose a network based on where the audience lives (fish where the fish are is the term Charu used).

She also advised using marketing teams from the outset, using internal experts to help provide relevant content to candidates, asking candidates what they would actually like to see content-wise and to also be agile.

Richard Ward, enterprise sales manager at Linkedin, ended the morning session by talking through the mobile app, which receives 16 million monthly page views a month. Ward said Linkedin focuses on three core areas: identity (personal profile), insights (news updates, groups etc) and everywhere (mobile).

Mobile is now the big focus for Linkedin, he said, sharing a slide on the impact of mobile on Likedin usage (see below).

The three areas of thinking driving app development at Linkedin are simplify, grow, everyday. He likened the role of there LI iPad app to that of a personal assistant, providing you with meetings, news, who has been trying to contact you (via viewing your profile).

Conference moderator Alan Whitford shared his highlights from the morning sessions:


Social Talent Acquisition with Cornerstone: Part 1

From automated job board posting to source analytics, applicant recruiting technologies have made the lives of recruiters a lot easier — especially as more job seekers rely on their social and referral networks to find jobs.

Social networking sites have fundamentally changed how recruiters and candidates are connecting and sharing information. It has also begun to redefine active and passive candidates who maintain a presence on sites such as LinkedIn,, and various alumni professional networks. To keep up with the pace of the technological and social changes, today’s talent acquisition teams need to build a recruiting strategy that combines modern social networking with the overall talent expectations of their organization.


Easy and efficient for everyone in the organization to explore their networks for talent.

Why Social Sourcing Matters:

  • 9 out of 10 organizations are using social media in their recruiting efforts, if that’s not you it’s your competition.
  • Segment, target, and reach the right audiences (millenials, GenX/Y, or any other specific skilled groups) by the types of social media they prefer.
  • Eliminate the need for contractors and external agencies to ‘try’ to understand your organization and blindly target candidates.

Drive Social Sourcing initiatives with Cornerstone:

  • Candidates can apply or forward the job requisition – a viral way to extend your reach in talent networks.
  • Matching technology suggests contacts for the job based on social profile information.
  • Automate and track publishing of jobs to social networks, online communities, and job boards.


Empower your team to grow referrals – the highest quality, lowest cost

Why Employee Referrals are Key:

  • Look to your best performers, they have their own personal networks of candidates with similar training/education, interests and skills.
  • Current employees can detect whether a candidate they know personally would be a cultural fit or meet organizational expectations.
  • Dramatically reduce your cost-to-hire conversion rates and focus on-boarding the candidate.

Employee Referrals get a boost from Cornerstone:

  • Engages all employees in helping out with referrals.
  • Easy for employees to initiate referrals – and use their social networks to spread the word.
  • Automatic tracking of referrals, so you can recognize employees for their contributions.

Find out more, today @ or visit Cornerstone Ondemand at the Social, Mobile and Recruitment Technology event on 17th January 2013 in London.

JIBE – The State of Mobile Recruiting 2012

Mobile Recruiting was a hot topic in 2012 with a wider recognition of value of engaging with candidates on the move, via Mobile websites, Mobile apps and Mobile job applications.

JIBE, a SAAS recruiting company that has built the first and only solution that allows a jobseeker to submit a complete job application from any device – mobile, tablet and desktop, published an infographic on the State of Mobile Recruiting in 2012. In case you missed it, click here.

Come hear JIBE’s CEO Joe Essenfeld speak about Mobile Recruiting and Job applications via Mobile at the Social, Mobile and Recruitment Technology event on 17th Jan. 2013 in London.

Monster SeeMore – Bringing Big Data into Recruitment

Monster is Platinum Sponsor of Social, Mobile and Recruitment Technology (SMART) 2013. The summit will be held on 17th January 2013 in London, UK. David Henry, VP of Marketing UKIE, Monster Worldwide will be sharing insights on Big Data in Sourcing at SMART.


Monster is the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities.

From the web, to mobile, to social, we help companies find people with customised solutions, and we use the world’s most advanced technology to match the right people to the right job.


SeeMore™ from Monster is a semantic search and analytics platform that redefines the way you find and manage your talent. Search, view and manage all your CVs in one place, regardless of whether they were sourced from Monster, other job boards, social networks, referrals, or internal candidates.

SeeMore centralises all of your existing candidate data securely in the cloud, and makes it available to search and analyse in one place. A technology-driven solution that provides recruiters, managers and executives with insight into your internal talent and employee pools.

To learn more about SeeMore, visit and watch the video below!

JIBE Sponsors SMART 2013; Presents Mobile Recruiting

Crexia is pleased to welcome JIBE as a sponsor of our Social, Mobile and Recruitment Technology event (SMART) taking place on 17th January 2013 in London, UK.

SMART 2013 will showcase the next gen Recruitment Technology solutions, including Social Recruiting platforms, Mobile Recruiting tools and more.

JIBE’s CEO Joe Essenfeld will be sharing insights on how companies can mobilize their ATS and Mobile Job Applications through their current ATS/CRM, while improving the candidate experience for job seekers. JIBE launched the JIBE Apply solution that allows candidate to submit applications on their smartphones or tablets. Visit and watch video below.

JIBE Apply from JIBE Videos on Vimeo.

About JIBE

JIBE builds SaaS recruiting solutions that enable leading companies to hire the best talent, regardless of their existing systems. We are dedicated to making recruiting simple with solutions for enterprises to attract and engage candidates using the latest technology.

Learn more at

JIBE partners with companies across all industries, including Walmart, Wells Fargo, Macy’s, AT&T, General Motors, Accenture and UPS, bringing them a single platform to power candidate experience without changing their applicant tracking system (ATS).

Our solutions include:

  • The first and only solution that allows a jobseeker to submit a complete job application from any device – mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • A candidate-generated employee referral solution.
  • A browser-based solution designed for distributed recruiting teams.

JIBE is headquartered in New York City and also has offices in Washington, D.C. and Oakland, California.

Cornerstone Ondemand: Social Recruiting

Cornerstone Ondemand is a Platinum sponsor of the Social, Mobile and Recruitment Technology event. Learn more about their Social & Cloud Recruiting Suite, by downloading this whitepaper.

In the evolving world of work, business as usual has become anything but the norm. With today’s workforce becoming increasingly interconnected, getting the most out of top talent means anticipating – and managing – complex, and constant, change.

Meeting these challenges means more than robotic execution. It means rethinking – and rebuilding – the way that top talent is recruited, retained and developed. Building better business outcomes and sustainable competitive advantage means building an Empowered Enterprise. The Empowered Enterprise positions employees at the center of your strategy. It means turning your organisation into a destination for constant collaboration and innovation – a place where people have the power to learn and share.

Your talent. Our technology.

Cornerstone OnDemand understands the challenges facing global businesses today – we are one. With millions of users across hundreds of countries and dozens of languages, Cornerstone is helping some of the world’s leading brands get the greatest return on their human capital investment. Streamlined for quick and easy implementation and hassle-free administration, Cornerstone OnDemand’s Software-as-a-Service provides a simple, user-friendly interface and 100% web-based delivery drive high employee adoption and engagement – no matter where you do business. With advanced reporting and analytics features, your business leaders will be able to immediately assess the bigger talent picture – and the impact of your talent management initiatives.

Cornerstone OnDemand Sponsors SMART

Cornerstone OnDemand joins Crexia Social, Mobile and Recruitment Technology (SMART) 2013 as Platinum Sponsor. The summit will be held on 17th January 2013 in London, UK.


Cornerstone OnDemand is a leading global provider of a comprehensive learning and talent management solution. We enable organisations to meet the challenges they face in empowering their people and maximising the productivity of their human capital.

Our integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution consists of the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud, the Cornerstone Performance Cloud, the Cornerstone Learning Cloud and the Cornerstone Extended Enterprise Cloud.

Our clients use our solution to source and recruit top talent, develop employees throughout their careers, engage all employees effectively, improve business execution, cultivate future leaders, and integrate with their external networks of customers, vendors and distributors.

Over 9.4 million users across 180 countries rely on Cornerstone to maximise their potential, develop their skills and foster new levels of collaboration. Cornerstone empowers some of the world’s leading organisations, such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts, The Neiman Marcus Group, Save the Children, Turner Broadcasting System, Virgin Media and Pinkberry, to engage their workforces and leverage people performance for greater business results.


Cornerstone Mobile, which is targeted for release in November, gives employees, managers and business leaders quick, convenient access to information and content in the Cornerstone talent management system anytime, anywhere. Key capabilities include:

  • My Profile, which moves beyond static corporate directories to offer rich mobile profiles for employees to personalize with a photo, share skills and interests, and promote role responsibilities. Profiles also provide contact information and show internal network connections.
  • Employee Directory, also known as “People Finder,” makes it easy for users to search for subject-matter experts and colleagues within the organization. Competencies, profiles and tags clarify who knows what. And once target individuals are found, users can directly email or call them for the information they need.
  • Mobile Training allows users to access just-in-time video training on their mobile devices. Learners can download, view and interact with rich, standards-based courseware and knowledge content. Content conforming to SCORM 1.2 standards also is supported for content interoperability and reusability.

Download Cornerstone Mobile

Positips: Positive Tips about Your Company

So, the typical company reviews websites are abound with critical ratings of what it is like to work for an organisation. You tend to find a lot of negative reviews by current, past and disgruntled staff about how bad an employer is. That probably reiterates the human race’s natural cynical disposition. Or it perhaps states the facts as they are!

All of these data ranks the company, and influences their employer branding perception and reputation. Some of the platforms that offer this service are doing very well, and quite rightly so.

What if for once, people move from a cynical and negative demeanor and share what is really exciting about companies they work for. How about talking about positive tips about life as an employee at a company, especially for the benefit of future hires interested in these insights.

Enter Positips – a French based startup that is trying to crack this concept, and it has been designed as an mobile app, so people can be sharing their positive tips on the move.

You can download via App Store and Google Play.

According to Mamoudou Traoré, Founder at Positips – It is a free mobile social network with one goal: foster the sharing of useful professional information that everyone of us has.

The purpose of this application is two fold:

  • Promote the exchange of professional information among members in a positive spirit.
  • Develop social recruiting by providing a super fast and easy way to share with your friends, your network job or internship opportunities you are aware of.

He also added that the application was also created so that employees can speak  and have a voice. At the moment, companies are ranked by members using a scoring algorithm, which comprises 16 criteria carefully selected around four main themes:

  • The company itself
  • The management
  • Their colleagues
  • The job you do

The app allows for job postings, and allows for registration with social identities, ie Facebook. Positips plan to improve the job matching and the companies menu, and create a mobile experience around Company reviews and career opportunities.

My initial reaction is that Positips is trying to push a positive spin to what may be viewed as ones opinions about a company, while perhaps sacrificing objectivity. But on reflection, this will not be an attempt to inaccurately review the overall company’s culture.

It is actually an acknowledgement and albeit, a celebration of the positive things that an individual experienced whilst working at a specific company – culture, relationship with managers, collegues and perhaps best pubs in that area (akin to tripadvisor or other food reviews site).

Their challenge will be growing a critical mass audience, that will be glad to sign up, rate companies and engage whilst using the app. Like we have seen with BranchOut’s pivot, building an audience is one hurdle, but getting them to come back and engage on the platform is another.

Positips are investing some resources on their English / International audiences, and recently launched their Android App and a few promotional, humouristic videos that explains need to learn about companies you want to work for. Video embeded is in French, but with English subtitle.

We know that bad news and negative reviews sells; but it doesn’t hurt to share some positive experiences related to our everyday work-life.