BraveNewTalent Sponsors #SRCONF 2011

The lovely guys at BraveNewTalent will be joining us again at #SRCONF 2011 as sponsors. They were there last year, and I am very glad they will be showcasing their product onsite and the significant progress made on their Social Recruiting technology platform.

James Mayes, Head of Client Solutions at BraveNewTalent, will be joining us in the afternoon panel to share his thoughts on the Social Media Recruiting Strategy debate. James has extensive experience within the Online Recruitment Technology and Social Media space.

BraveNewTalent is also branded as our Social Recruiting Tweetup sponsor, where they are supporting us in running 2 evening drinks on the 29th / 30th June 2011.

About BraveNewTalent

BraveNewTalent builds Professional Talent Communities for employer brands. We are on a mission to use technology to better utilize talent, democratizing education and meritocracizing opportunity. We use Facebook’s social graph to map the world’s talent and rethink the way people engage with employers to manage their careers.


James Mayes
Head of Client Solutions