Breaking: Crexia's Website Changes!

We have been quiet on here, while very busy organising some cool conferences. The last event was Social recruiting Conference held on 30th June 2011 in London. It was atended by about 180 people, watched live online by 1324 unique viewers.

It had a very busy twitter  hashtag #SRCONF which reached over 206,844 tweeple via over 1500 tweets (searched maximum allowed by twitter) with exposure of 1,944,154 impressions.

SRCONF 2011 had a fantastic review by including several other blogs and reflections written about the conference.

Our next adventure is the Social Workplace Conference, to be held on 1st November 2011. And of course another #SRCONF, this time in Paris (held in English) on 1st December 2011. Yes, looks like a few busy weeks ahead, to say the least.

But, amongst these conference planning, we have been thinking about direction of these brands and how to make all of them work together. Hence, we are now taking a closer look at this website to make sure we are sending a consistent message to both new and old audiences.

After several weeks of review, we are pleased to announce that Crexia’s website will soon be redesigned to reflect on the strategy of the business going forward, which will incorporate all elements of the conference brands and our consultancy offering. The new website will focus on content, conversations and a possible community.

Watch out for these changes soon!