Can Facebook Get you a Job? [Infographic]

Mashable recently posted an article containing an infographic about job seekers and their success on Facebook. The infographic reported some strong findings: 1 in 6 job seekers use social media to get hired. Surprisngly (to me at least) Facebook accounted for more found jobs than Twitter and LinkedIn combined. Will this trend continue in 2012?

Facebook was a hot topic at the Social Recruiting Conference¬†earlier this month. Most of the people in attendance (including a majorty of panelists asked this question) agreed that Facebook is a “personal” network and that LinkedIn and Twitter are more “professional” networks. My question now is, since job seekers are actively looking for jobs on Facebook, will recruiters change their opinion of the network?

My guess is that it will be somewhere in the middle. As people become more and more comfortable using social networks, the line between “personal” and “professional” will continue to blur. Facebook has been consistently trying to brand itself as a place where you can find a job, expanding more and more into the job search sector.

The infographic suggested that job seekers reach success by posting “notes” in their Facebook profile describing what kind of job they want, which lasts longer than a tweet or LinkedIn update.

What do you think? Have you, or anyone you know, found a job through Facebook? Will this trend continue to rise in the new year?

Below is the original infographic from Mashable.

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