Welcome to the New Crexia

Hello. We are Crexia. Maybe you know us from before. Maybe its just your first visit. Whichever the case, you are welcomed.

We have evolved, and rebranded our business. We started off as a traditional recruitment company in 2008, in the middle of the recession. We did well, and built an Executive Search practice for International markets. We loved it.

With the growth of social media, and more companies looking at better ways to cut recruitment cost, and engage more with the candidates, we decided to reposition ourselves for the future of recruiting. It is evolving.

Hence, today, our website has been retouched, with a more social elements added to it. The new Crexia will, amongst others focus on Social Recruiting and Recruitment Strategies.

But, we will also offer Candidate Attraction, Employer Branding & Reputation, Recruitment Advertising, Blogging and a smarter kind of Recruitment Web Design. And other services that add value to the art of recruiting. We are all yours.

We hope you enjoy our services, as we enter this new chapter.