Does Social Recruiting Actually Deliver?

What are the questions most often asked of any recruiter (or recruitment guru) who espouses the benefits of using social media in recruitment:

  • Does it actually work?
  • Can I actually hire somebody by using Social Media?
  • Where does direct sourcing fit into this mix?
  • Is it really an integrated approach or just another series of ‘latest greatest’ attempts to change the recruitment continuum?

Lennart Sloof Lennart Sloof, a keynote speaker at Social Recruiting Conference 2010 in London on 30 November, is going to share not only the strategy and tactics that he delivers as Manager Online Employer Marketing (formerly known as ‘e-Recruitment team’) at Deloitte in The Netherlands, but will discuss what they have spent in all channels: job boards, headhunting, contingency agencies and social media and, most importantly, how they measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of the success of each channel.

Today his team is working on a daily basis on content management for the career site and all social media platforms. Everything is being monitored by Google Analytics, which results in optimization as a never ending process.

Lennart and his team are preparing the Deloitte recruitment team to adopt these new online recruitment sources and make it part of their daily routines. You can listen to his philosophy and session preview in the video below or on RCEURO.COM at

This is exactly why Vic Okezie and Alan Whitford have created Social Recruiting Conference 2010, bringing 10 Corporate HR/Recruitment leaders together to share their journeys in creating and implementing social recruiting and direct sourcing strategies.

Our audience is coming from across Europe, representing FTSE and Global 250 companies and mid-size employers. Lennart’s speaker colleagues will showcase innovative developments in direct sourcing, how to get the best out of LinkedIn and Facebook and share their own journeys, including the bumps in the road as well as the successes.

We believe that delegates will leave at the end of the day with the answer to the question: Does Social Recruiting actually deliver? YES.

What do you think? What are your experiences? Join us on 30 November by registering at Social Recruiting Conference 2010, watch the live video stream hosted on RCEURO.COM and start contributing to the Twitter debate now on the event hashtag: #SRCONF.