Five #SocialRecruiting Predictions for 2012

Have you achieved your social recruiting goals for 2011? Yes or no, it’s time to look ahead and start setting goals for next year. The tools you use and trends you follow will change rapidly, but here are five overarching social recruiting predictions for 2012.

Increased spending and investment

Some companies are just realizing the power behind social media. As a result, they are investing more resources in these technologies. Fins by The Wall Street Journal reported last week that recruiters are shifting their spending from “old” technologies to social media. This trend will continue in 2012 within HR departments as well as independent and contracted recruiters. At the moment, 1 in 6 applicants found their job through social networking (as reported by TechCrunch.) With increased investment, that number will rise.

Facebook launches Social Recruiting Platform?

Facebook is often thought of as the troubled child in social recruiting. It’s usually considered a personal network, as opposed to a professional one. Because of that, applicants are often reluctant to share their profiles with companies or recruiters out of fear that they will dig very deep into their profile and find a reason not to hire them. However, Facebook has lately been trying to combat this mentality. By integrating with apps like Jobvite and creating a page for the U.S. Department of Labor, Facebook has been stepping up their professional presence. Next year, Facebook will continue their effort to take market share away from LinkedIn and edge their way in as a professional network.

Recruiting through Google+

Brands entered the Google+ picture earlier this month. At the moment, most company pages are consumer-facing. They are resembling Facebook fan pages by offering fun content and fan interaction. Next year, companies will branch out and create more niche pages. Career pages will start to be more popular, and brands will start to source candidates from these pages. Because Google+ is usually thought of as the “middle ground” between a personal and professional network, they have a higher advantage over Facebook in the recruiting space. People will feel more comfortable sharing their Google+ profiles, and brands will use this to their advantage.

Mobile Recruiting

As people continue buying tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices, they will start using these more than their computers when looking for a job. (I personally am already using my iPad more than my laptop when I browse the web, and I just got my tablet three months ago.) But companies are not yet offering a user-friendly recruiting experience catered to mobile devices. Only 7% of companies even have a mobile version of their careers website. Next year, brands will start following their audience to the mobile web. Push notifications, apps, and mobile sites will be more popular.

Applicants chasing brands

Recruiting can be a sitting game for applicants (or at least it used to be.) Potential employees would establish profiles and hope that a recruiter finds them. Next year, applicants will be louder and more aggressive. They will create “hire me campaigns” for their dream jobs. As a result, companies will have an easier time filling open positions because the right applicants will make themselves known. (This will also result in a larger, more talented applicant pool.)

What do you think? Are these predictions valid for the new year? What predictions do YOU have for social recruiting in 2012?

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