How Google Search Results Can Affect Your Personal Value in Social Recruiting

What happens when you send an email to candidate out of the blue? The email could be presenting a job you have, or asking if they might be interested in forwarding it to someone else, in case they are not looking.

You guessed right. The recipient will Google your name. This is almost spontaenous and the results they get from the search could determine if they respond to your email or deal with you. You will be surprised at the volume of searches people make about individuals.

While recruiters are checking out candidates online and via social networks, don’t forget that the smarter and better candidates are also checking you out. It is becoming a two way thing, and its very important for recruiters to make sure that their personal profiles and company brand is well presented online, and further adds value to their overall objective.

So, recruiters themselves need to google their name at least once every week to see what kind of results appear. Often times, jobs they have listed in job boards are placed in top search results. However, the eager candidate can snoop around a bit and get more personal information about you.

For those recruiters with generic names like John Smith, it is possible you may get away with ‘which one of these is that john smith’?. And they give up.

However, others with more striking names (like myself), one’s reputation and personality can be quite public via the profiles and sites we have added details on, make comments in or dealt with in the past, might give us good or bad PR.

Mind you, candidates can also check your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to learn more about you, in case they are invited for an interview, so if you have been out drinking over the weekend or having a ‘let-your-head-down’ company bash, make sure those Facebook pictures are tucked away nicely, if you don’t want your interviewee to have the wrong impression about you or even where you work.

Hence, Google can make your recruiting more social, depending on what you have up there and what it show users your company is about. It is all part of the Social Recruiting season!