How is Bracing for Social Recruiting – one of UK’s largest online recruitment portal is smartly aligning itself into the social recruiting mode, as they watch social media rapidly becoming more mainstream in the online recruitment space.

They recently launched a Jobsitejobs Twitter account, where jobs from jobsite are displayed on Twitters. They also created a dedicated Jobsite Twitter page, which gives users relevant information about how to follow them on twitter.

However, they took their time to explain that they do things differently.

How can I use Twitter to find a job?

There are several job hunting services on Twitter but Jobsite does it a little differently. Most will send you a stream of jobs, but offer little in the way of matching the jobs to your own requirements. It’s a bit like searching for a needle in the proverbial haystack.

Jobsite, however, is all about making job hunting as easy as possible. That’s why we’ll only send you jobs that match your needs. We’ll make sure your Twitter jobs are for the right kind of role, in the right location and for the right salary.

They then listed steps on how to sign up to Twitter, follow them and set up Direct Messages service, where the follower will only get jobs that suit their requirements. It does involve a few back and forth messages between the user and Jobsite.

At the moment, Jobsite twitter have just under 1000 followers and am sure the number will grow over time. I am just wondering how a big job board like Jobsite will manage a Twitter strategy. I do understand that its a part of a major UK Media Group, with a very talented founder and team who are very social media savvy.

But it will be very interesting to see big job boards convince candidates to follow their tweets, when the twitter-aware job seekers already find their way around social media sites, finding jobs themselves.