How to Search Twitter for Social Recruiting – Part 1

This will be an introduction on how you can search Twitter to find passive candidates. Basically, Twitter allows people to post what they are doing now and most users have a Biography. In this Bio, they tend to add their profession, location and atimes what they are working on.

Since Twitter is fully indexed in Search Engines, i.e. Google, you can get some decent results from a quick search using Google. You need to be familiar with Boolean Search, using AND (any space is an “implied AND”), OR, NOT (via the – sign). Usually, most typical job boards offer these functions, and this can be also applied in Twitter search.

I have presented two quick examples below on how to search for a few kind of skills in different locations. In most cases, IT skills are more common on Twitter and Social networking sites, so I have tested more roles that recruiters try to find candidates for.

1. Using Twitter to Search for Engineers in Aberdeen

Lets take for instance we want to quickly see some Engineers who reside in Aberdeen. We can go to google and use this search line, applying Boolean into the code. engineer AND aberdeen -job -jobs -opportunity

You will notice that I added -job -jobs -opportunity as this will remove all results or tweets with those words. We want to see results that are not job opportunties. You can creative and add more NOT boolean e.g. -wanted, -required …

Lets take a look at the result. View screenshot below.

You can see that we got around 70 results. Just looking through the Bio can give you an idea of what kind of role they currently do.

Since these candidates maybe be passive, it could be ok sending them a quick message and asking for contacts of any person they may know that will be ideal for the job you have.

It is possible they will follow you, and even read your public profile and previous tweets. This open communication should enable more trust in dealing with you. And that potential candidate can reweet your message across his/her network of Engineers. Lets try another case.

2. Using Twitter to Search for Project Managers in Leeds

Just like above, we use the Boolean search and managed to generate a few results. We used the string shown below: “project manager” AND leeds -job -jobs -opportunity

There are 62 results, but maybe not all of them are what we are looking for. 10 minutes will help you sift through the relevant Project Managers, follow them or send them a message and either they are suitable and available or they will send a message to another relevant candidate that you can contact.

Hopefully, recruiters can test their own skills on Twitter. You can give it 15-20 minutes per day and improve your skills.

The most valuable point is that, via Twitter you can at least find some relevant people without the direct cold calling method, and passive candidates will be more likely to refer you to someone else, using Twitter or any of their other social media accounts.

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