If #Facebook Enters the Job Search Game, Who Will Lose?

According to an opinion on ere.net, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Monster, and other job boards and professional networkings sites might be in danger. Last month, Facebook, the largest social network in the world announced a new partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor and national employment services.

The result of this partnership is the page Facebook.com/socialjobs. Within the frame of that page, users can search for jobs with several organizations including Job Corps, Registered Apprenticeship, and the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Facebook has also recently integrated with Jobvite, allowing people to easily share job openings with their friends. If Facebook continues to offer solutions for job seekers, it will be hard to stop them. Granted, the new social jobs page currently only has about 16,000 fans. But once Facebook starts promoting the page, what happens next?

Shalu Wasu doesn’t think professional networks will fall that far. He presents 10 reasons why they are still relevant on his blog. His arguments include the fact that people suffer from “Facebook fatigue” and the perception that Facebook is for fun and Professional networks, well, are for work. This is what I believe to be Facebook’s largest obstacle in offering pages for job seekers.

Facebook doesn’t have the luxury that sites like LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing, Google+, and even sometimes Twitter have. It’s rarely viewed as a professional network, and it will be hard to change that perception. Do we really want to be looking for a job on the same network that we are sharing our holiday photos or planning a night out with our friends?

No matter what happens, someone will lose out eventually. If Facebook continues to expand into job searching capabilities, then sites like Monster and Craigslist are potentially left with little market share. Static job boards are outdated, as they do not allow you to leverage your network as effectively as user-generated content from Social Media. And if Facebook¬†manages to overcome the “personal network” hurdle and finally be taken seriously by professionals, there is a chance that Professional networking sites will also feel the pain.

This concern, as well as other hot social media recruiting topics, will be discussed and debated at the Social Recruiting Conference (#SRCONF) on 1 December, 2011 in Paris.

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