Poll results: Internal Social Comms

Recently I have noticed an increased amount of articles about how social media can benefit employee engagement and collaboration at the workplace. The first though in my head was: “The majority of people will possibly feel restricted about what they can post internally, so should there be someone responsible to start the discussions and encourage employees to get more engaged with internal communications and the workplace?”

So, couple of weeks ago I have started to engage with professionals on LinkedIn to discuss their option on “Who should be responsible/ have the ownership for the companies’ internal social communications?”. The discussion was followed by the poll to provide quantifiable results.

Here are the results:

50 people responded to the poll, though there has not been a clearly distinguished answer as to who should be responsible for internal social communications. As the results indicate social media should involve multiple stakeholders or be owned by Internal Communications.

Discussion comments have provided a better insight into the issue:

1. Social intranets should be started with a particular goal in mind. The owner of the objective/ goal would be responsible to implement it using internal social communications. This allows intranet to be used to its maximum potential by several departments at the same time.
2. Internal communications department should aim to create an encouraging environment for employees to engage and also serve as facilitator for social intranet. Which should be done by starting relevant discussions and sharing great content.
3. The responsibility to make social intranets work heavily lies with top management, as at the start of social intranet implementation process everyone in the company will possibly go through a cultural change, contribution and participation of top management in social intranet is essential.

I think the conclusion to the question “Who owns social internal media?” is – It is a media channel that is owed by multiple stakeholders, though Internal communications department should aim to create an engaging environment.

Would you agree with the conclusion? Are there any thoughts that you might like to add?