Speakers Interview: Katie McNab (PepsiCo)

Katie McNab will be joining us as part of the outstanding speaker lineup for Social Recruiting Conference 2011 in London on June 30th. Katie is a fully CIPD qualified HR Manager. She’s worked in a variety of industries, including Professional Services, Financial Services, FMCG, Utilities, Telecoms and Hi-Tech. Katie joined PepsiCo over two years ago. Below is a sneak peek of what she will be presenting at SRCONF 2011.

What has been your experience with Social Media Recruitment at PepsiCo?

In the US, PepsiCo have been using social media to recruit for several years, but the UK team’s experience started in mid 2009 when we established our in-house Direct Sourcing team.

The concept of social media was still quite unnerving for some of our colleagues, but they were completely up for experimenting. We now use various online tools including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to connect, engage and ultimately hire new PepsiCo people. Social Media Recruitment skills are now an essential requirement for new members of the team.

How has PepsiCo benefited from recruiting with Social Media?

PepsiCo’s recruiters are now some of the company’s most visible people on the web – after Indra Nooyi! We are part of an enormous organisation and the scale of the business can be overwhelming. We wanted to cut through that, and provide a friendly face and voice, through authentic, human interaction.

Social Media is a critical aspect of our resourcing model, and now accounts for over 50% of our external hires, complementing our other sourcing channels. We’ve got plans to adapt and roll the UK model across our Europe Sector – recognising that local SM platforms (and how people choose to engage with them) will be different in some countries. The idea of using SM for recruiting is new to some of our European colleagues, so we’ll all be learning as we go.

Could you give us a sneak peek of what you will be presenting at the conference?

Yes, I’m going to be talking about the fun and games we had developing our first mobile and tablet apps for the US and UK markets: http://www.recruiterguy.net/mobilepossibilities. My partner-in-crime on this project, Chris Hoyt (aka @TheRecruiterGuy) is trying to sort out his diary so he can come and join us in London – but if he isn’t able to be there in person, he’ll be there in spirit (and possibly via Skype?!)

What will be the key takeaways from the presentation?

  • Why we decided to go mobile
  • What we are hoping to achieve
  • Who we partnered with and why
  • What we’ve learned so far (there have been various bumps and hurdles!)
  • How we plan to measure success
  • The future of mobile recruiting at PepsiCo

Come hear Katie McNab’s presentation at SRCONF 2011 on 30th June. Please register here: http://www.vicokezie.com to attend.