Speakers Interview: Maayan Zusman (Intel)

Maayan will be joining us as part of the distinguished speakers that will join us at Social Recruiting Conference 2011 in London on June 30th.

Maayan joined Intel in 2006 and now currently heads EMEA’s Marketing & Branding Lead, SMC. Maayan’s specialties include recruitment marketing & branding,,communications channel development, social media communication, and digital marketing.   Below is a sneak peek of what she will be presenting at SRCONF 2011.

What has been your experience with Social Media Recruitment at Intel?

Our experience with Social Media Recruiting has been exciting from the minute we began forming our strategy and right up to today. It is still a field for which there is no one clear “formula” and therefore our experience has been one of exploring, learning, executing and taking calculated risks with each step of our way. So far our experience has been a positive one that has lead us to believe that social media has significant value.

How has Intel benefited from recruiting with Social Media?

In many ways. Not only have our efforts in the world of social media recruitment lead to new applicants and to new employees now working at Intel, but has also positively impacted our employer brand. We have been able to move beyond our traditional marketing, humanize our brand, create relationships, share, listen, learn and influence.

Social Media offers a road to learn about our target audiences in a way in which no other channels offers, and to engage our audiences in key messages in an informal and low-cost manner. An additional benefit is that Intel sourcing specialists/recruiters are perceived both externally and internally as cutting-edge and innovative (which does not go without saying in the recruitment world).

Could you give us a sneak peek of what you will be speaking about at the conference?

Sure. I’ll provide an overview of our social media recruitment strategy – what we have done and our process in doing so. I’ll also focus on ROI measurement and how we perceive ROI measurement in a field that does not have a trivial way to doing so.

What will be the key takeaways from the presentation?

  • Intel’s Social Media approach
  • Employer Branding & objectives for using social media for recruitment
  • Existing social channels for recruitment
  • ROI measurement
  • What’s next for Intel

Listen to Maayan Zusman’s presentation at SRCONF 2011 on 30th June in London. Register via http://www.vicokezie.com/attend