#SRCONF: Is Mobile Recruiting the Next Frontier?

Mashable recently posted a study from Potentialperk, an online recruiting research lab. They found a large disparity between applicants who want to be recruited through a mobile device and companies that offer this. Over 50% of respondents said that they could imagine using a mobile device in their job search, but only 7% of companies have a mobile version of their career page.

Potentailperk surveyed over 30,000 people for the study. They also researched and analyzed the strategy of over 350 top employers in the U.S., Europe and Asia regarding mobile recruiting.

The resulting infographic of their findings is below:

Along with this trend, Incite People, a digital recruiting firm in London recently published an iPhone app for job seekers.

I took a look at a few other apps available for job seekers. Generally speaking, there are more apps that are not company specific. Apps are offered by companies like Monster that are geared toward the general job search. There are also apps for people who want to work in a specific industry, like health care or law. Some companies have introduced their own app, but they mostly have basic features. One that I particularly liked was the Adidas graduate careers app.  It appeals to a young demographic by presenting exciting videos and pictures, showing graduate students what life in the company is like. They then allow users to explore different openings available and apply directly within the app.

Over time, I expect mobile recruiting to grow. I think companies will continue to integrate social elements in their apps, allowing users to send jobs to their friends on the go. I also expect more real time features to be introduced, allowing applicants to check their status down to the minute. Imagine applying for a job on your iPad, seeing that the recruiter has read your resume, and then flipping over to FaceTime for an instant interview.

At our Social Recruiting Conference held in London on 30th June 2011, Pepsico presented a case study on Social Media & Mobile Recruiting Possibilities.

The possibilities are indeed endless…

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