Is Social Media Allowed in your Workplace?

We asked this question 2 days ago via a LinkedIn Poll to present some results and feedback at the Social Workplace Conference. So far, the response has been great with over 200 votes and lots of comments on the poll itself and some across groups the poll was shared.

We are collating some of the accompanying comments from LinkedIn members to update on this blog or a results post in the future.

Why did we ask this question? Firstly, we are organising the Social Workplace Conference for the 1st November 2011 to explore the impact of Social Media and Social Technologies for Employee Communications and Workplace Collaborations. The results of the poll will be presented at the conference with some analysis into the state of Social media in the workplace.

Secondly, its amazing how many LinkedIn members or Social Media users who cannot access these sites at work. In the course of the organising of this conference, I have personally spoken with potential speakers who are active on LinkedIn and Twitter, but whose companies ban these platforms internally. The same applies to some delegates who may be attending this conference.

Although the poll is hosted on linkedIn, a professional networking / social media site, we think the general audience seem to discern that Social media (in this context) implies sites like FB, Twitter, YT etc. Having said that, some LinkedIn members who have made comments also have noted that the site is blocked at work.

So, it will be interesting to see the final results (which I assume will be high for YES based on the current feedback) but moreso review the comments thenceforth.

Please click here to respond to the poll and share your comments too. Thanks