Joberate joins #SRCONF 2011 Sponsors

Joberate joins #SRCONF 2011 as Product Sponsors. Joberate is an Intelligent Recruitment solution which enables you to target active and passive candidates through digital media channels, including Social Media and niche channels. Joberate is designed by recruiters to help recruiters speed up the process and reduce the cost per hire.

#SRCONF attendees can benefit from a Free trial plan (value £ 500) by simply posting the URL of a live job on or sending an email to to benefit from the offer. You will be provided with a targeted campaign plan, which can be discussed with you at the conference.

Joberate will be exhibiting onsite at the Conference Venue and feel free to meet their team and discuss how the service could be of value to your job distribution strategy.

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Aki Kakko
Co-founder, Joberate