Jobvite: Shift from Job Boards to Social Recruiting

Jobvite, US based provider of next-generation recruitment solutions recently published results of its second annual Social Recruitment Survey, which found that employers are not just recruiting on professional online networks now, but also recruiting extensively on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Results of the survey suggested a shift away from recruiting methods such as job boards, with many companies instead planning to focus their energy on social recruiting.

The survey, completed by approximately 440 human resources and recruitment professionals, reveled 76 percent plan to invest more in employee referrals, while 72 percent said they plan to invest more in recruiting through social networks.

72 percent of the companies surveyed say they plan to invest less in third party recruiting firms, and 57 percent plan to put less money towards advertising on job boards. Campus recruiting may also take a hit, with 21 percent of respondents stating they plan to invest less in that area. 11 percent plan to invest less in social networks, while 8 percent plan to put less towards employee referrals.

Online social recruiting methods currently used by the companies surveyed include LinkedIn, which grew in use from 80 percent in 2008 to 95 percent in 2009, and Facebook, which jumped from 36 percent in 2008 to 59 percent in 2009. Twitter was the third most used social media tool, with 42 percent using it to recruit candidates. 17 percent of respondents said they did not use social networking or social media to support their recruitment efforts.

Jobvite president and CEO, Dan Finnigan, commented on the results:

“Companies are in a very different economic situation now than when our first Social Recruitment survey was conducted last year. Now, not only are recruiters engaged in social networks, they are investing in social recruitment in place of more costly and inefficient methods. The economy has spurred a fundamental change in how recruiters find candidates and how people find jobs. The good news is that referrals and social networks provide a high quality, low cost way to hire and for that reason social recruitment will continue to grow even as the economy improves.”

The survey results support Jobvite’s own focus, as the website recently integrated its “Software-as-a-Service” recruitment application with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.