Join us at Social Workplace Chat #SWCHAT

Crexia is pleased to be partnering with the Social Workplace Chat (#SWCHAT). Social Workplace Tweet Chat (#SWChat) is a weekly event on Twitter where people from all corners of the globe come together to discuss topics around The Social Workplace for 1 hour.

Our Social Workplace Conference is sponsoring the #SWCHAT in the next weeks.

Liz Pearce, COO of Liquid Planner and speaker at the #SWCONF 2012 will also be sharing insights on Social Project Management during a chat scheduled for 26th April 2012.

Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst, Collaboration, MWD Advisors, chair at #SWCONF 2012 shall offer snippets on Building a Collaborative culture during a chat on the 3rd May 2012.

By joining this Twitter Chat event, you could win a FREE ticket to the conference worth £480 (~770 USD) in person.

You can join the chats by following, sharing and contributing to tweets using the hashtag #swchat at 9PM BST, 4PM ET and 1PM ET on Thursday.