Key Features of a Social Careers Website (#SRCHAT)

On the eve of Crexia’s Social Recruiting Conference, we asked “what are the key features of a social careers website?” for our 5th weekly Twitter chat.

What is a Social Careers Website?

There was some conflict over exactly what we mean by a social careers website

What was clear though was that a strong presence on social media sites was required first as one cannot exist without the other.

It was also clear that a social careers site should offer a transparent view of the company, providing access not only to recruiters but to current employees as well, giving a “warts and all” view of what it is like to work a particular employer.

What are the features of a Social Careers Website?

I’ll let the tweets do the talking here…

Any good examples of Social Careers Websites?

Take a closer look at the sites from Rackspace and Disney.

How does gamification add value to Careers sites?

Claire Falconbridge offers up the example of GCHQ’s code breaking game

I think the general consensus was that the gamification elements must have a real purpose and add value to the recruitment process. Including them for the sake of it will seem very hollow to job seekers.

Social Careers sites – Mobile apps or mobile-friendly?

It was very much accepted on the chat that employers don’t have a choice as to whether they optimise they sites for mobile devices or not – it needs to be done. SO many professional people now access their email via mobile, including email job alerts. Any content that you link to via Social Media is likely to be viewed on a mobile – Twitter reports that more than half of its traffic now comes via mobile.

in conclusion:

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