KODA: Social Job Site for Gen Y Gets More Funding

A few days ago, I tried to imagine a social media platform that is designed for social recruiting. Alas, one has been there since May 2009 and its name is Koda. KODA.us is a social recruitment service for employers to recruit young professionals.

KODA wants to bring social networking and job recruiting together into one unified service, claiming that it is “more professional than Facebook but more personal than LinkedIn”.

Today, Koda annouced it has raised more funding, an additional $1.5 million injection of private angel funding.

Since launching in mid-2009, KODA’s employer network has grown to more than 450 organizations including Fortune 500 companies. KODA currently has thousands of young job candidates who have created profiles that allow employers to learn about their unique attributes – the characteristics that typically aren’t revealed until the interview process begins.  In turn, employers can provide a complete picture of their organization, culture and strategic differences on their own profile pages.

KODA’s focus is on Gen Y and young professionals. Some will say that this won’t fly among older candidates. But, we all knew that Facebook was founded for students at Havard University, before it grew to other US Universities, before it expanded globally and now – all persons of ages and location, can access and use Facebook to connect with others.

If KODA can think beyond the US, and probably get a domain name that is more global (not a .us), that could add better value to a potential International adoption.

Will this evolve into a global social media platform for social recruiting? Time will tell.