LiquidPlanner Sponsors #SWCONF 2012

LiquidPlanner, a Social Project Management system has joined #SWCONF 2012 as a Silver sponsor and Liz Pearce will be speaking at the conference.

The thousands of teams that use LiquidPlanner’s groundbreaking online project management system know one thing for certain: projects are the tangible milestones by which business objectives are achieved.

That’s why projects, tasks, and priorities are the driving forces behind business-critical team collaboration tools. By directly linking social conversations, notifications, and document sharing to the living plan of record for projects (and the changing priorities, processes, and tasks that go with it) teams can achieve better communication and more efficiency.

LiquidPlanner provides a radically new approach to project management that reflects the realities of today’s dynamic workplace. LiquidPlanner has woven advanced collaboration and social networking capabilities into the fabric of its advanced project management software to help team members share and access information more easily. By capturing and automatically organizing all discussions and documentation related to the project right where the project essentially “lives,” team members can access critical information more easily and increase their productivity.

And the differences don’t end there. With LiquidPlanner, managers can break free of inflexible planning solutions that lock individual project into a silo and move to a solution that shows them the big picture of managing multiple projects simultaneously. LiquidPlanner reflects to complexity of resource allocation by generating real world schedules based on competing project priorities and team member’s actual availability. This allows managers to more easily adjust resources, identify risks, and adjust to changes, interruptions, and new opportunities as quickly as they arise. Built-in portfolio analytics give teams the power to truly understand their team dynamics, workload, and capacity, fueling better business decisions and increased market competitiveness.

To meet today’s expectations for productivity, engagement, and connectedness, teams need a solution that supports both their social needs and their work management requirements; LiquidPlanner is helping teams around the world achieve these goals.

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