London Olympics: Talent Pools & Legacy

The London Olympics starts in 2 days, and  lot has been said about the huge challenges involved in organising this epic event. With an expectation of over 15,000 athletes from 205 countries, and an estimated global viewing audience of 4 billion – this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Londoners, and the UK at large.

In order to oversee the smooth running of the Olympics, LOCOG has recruited over 3000 staff over the last few years, but also tasked with deploying over 250,000 workforce just for the duration of the London Olympics.

A lot has been said recently about the G4S debacle and the problems with security staff for the Olympics. But this post will exlore the further project that LOCOG is embarking on, which has to do with a legacy for LOCOG employees who will automatically be jobless, just after the final game.

Rob Clarke, Head of Reward, Policy & OD at LOCOG gave a reflective presentation at SRCONF last month in London, where he talked about Talent Pools and Alumni Communities at LOCOG.

He stated that people at LOCOG have been so focused on delivering the objectives of the London Olympics that haven’t been thought about what happens at the end to the organisation. Most of the people in the organising committee might not even be able to see the end of the games.

LOCOG is a relationship led organisation, and as there is no history in it they need to depend on having great relationships to get things done. Things never always go right, as we have seen with the ticketing issues etc.

LOCOG is a diverse organisation and because of that when one function makes a decision, it will inevitably influences 10 other functions. According to Rob, LOCOG is also very diverse in terms of workforce, as 40% of their directors are female and 10% of their workforce are disabled, and it is complex in terms of stakeholders.

How do they leave a decent legacy behind them?

Rob stated that they decided to develop an online portal for employees to have access to it, get news feed, join particular groups, join networks, and organisations can share content about their brand, and advertise jobs for free in it.

LOCOG can just tell the organisations, that they work with, about how they have developed this talent pool and explain how they actually want to help people find jobs, so the organisations can have the talent pool for free.

Rob added that they wanted to help their employees, and also make sure that they stay focused while LOCOG needs their help, and the online portal can deliver all of these objectives.

Now 200 organisations are using the Talent Pool (developed by Employer Connections), and LOCOG is helping people go through their transition using this tool. This is some sort of an Outplacement portal, and it is surely LOCOG’s small way of assisting employees and temporary staff, transition into other opportunities after the London Olympics.

If your organisation will like to take advantage of this platform, please Peter Ward.

Photo credits: dennoir