Looking for a Job? Try LinkedIn or Twitter – NYT

That was the exact title of the New York Times article I am linking in this post. While NY Times has its own Jobs section apparently powered by Monster, the article published yesterday offered very useful tips from a main stream media on how social media is changing the landscape of recruitment.

The piece focused on the value of web mobile, such that people can easily apply for jobs on the move, with the use of the mobile applications.

It reiterated some of the things we know already that:

The LinkedIn Profile is really the resume of the future .. The ‘resume’ on LinkedIn is really the standard LinkedIn Profile, but it’s very popular with recruiters looking for good candidates.

You could build your whole LinkedIn presence from any Web-enabled phone.

And somehow it seems that the impact of the recession with a lot of job losses globally, has someone enhanced the value of social media platforms with job searches.

A career is unlikely to be launched on Twitter alone, but candidates are increasingly “tweeting” or posting messages to outline their skills, experiences and career goals. They are pasting links to their resumes on the micro-blogging service.

People can also use Twitter to follow recruiters or companies of interest and learn of networking events.

Job seekers have gotten job leads and tips on networking events that they otherwise would have missed, had it not been for their Twitter or Facebook account.

Just interesting to see the major news outlet writing about the shift in trends from traditional job boards to social networks.