L’Oreal Talent Recruitment – Keeping Focus

Last week, L’Oreal’s Dennis de Munck, International Recruitment Development Director spoke at Crexia’s Strategic Recruiting Camp Paris. His presentation was very insightful, and I learned a lot more about L’Oreal as a business (beyond its very creative marketing) and also as an employer.

L’Oreal’s employer branding campaign is tagged L’Oreal Talent Recruitment, with the aim to Keeping Focus, and Dennis is at the center of these projects. He shared some strategic but also operational side to how they attract and bring in talent. Due to growth in emerging markets, esp. in Asia Pacific (13%) and Latin America (13.2%), L’Oreal is developing their recruitment functions to cater for this diverse audience. Their overall strategy includes:

  • Global Talent Recruitment
  • Zone Recruiment Hubs
  • Country Recruiters
  • Campus Recruitment
  • Métier Recruiters

Their Recruitment Marketing campaigns are very brand focused, and they recently launched the L’Oreal Brandstorm 2013 – Movie Trailer, which challenges applications to put themselves in the shows of the South East Asia Marketing Director. The movie trailer is embedded below.

Dennis discussed L’Oreal Complete recruiter toolbox, which comprises:

Employer Branding, EVP, Image Studies, Campus Presence, Engaging Games, Sourcing Hubs, Market Mapping, Eye For Growth Markets, MBA Focus, Recruiter Training, Webinars, Individual Support, Reporting & Analysis, Fully Social Networking Enabled, Addressing Diversity Target Audience and Métier & Division Specialists.

He also mentioned challenges for Recruiters at L’Oreal, which can also relate to other very large organisations.

  • Data Mining – How to manage the huge CV database / applications in the ATS, and pull out the right candidates who have previously applied for roles. The opportunity to take advantage of big data in recruitment.
  • Sourcing v2 – Equipping recruiters with the best possible sourcing skills so they can find talent both from internal systems and extenal resources.
  • Sharing right & Speed – The ability for Recruiters and line managers to share the right information at the right time, and need to effective communications during the processes.
  • Candidate experience – Value in ensuring that candidates continue to get a responsible experience when they engage with L’Oreal as an employer.

In conclusion, Dennis stressed the transformational role of a Corporate Recruiter to that of an Internal Community Manager who shall be managing human networks, focusin on candidate engagement before skills evaluation. He also championed a recruiter’s role to advise, coach and lead, whilst expecting the best candidates to be focused and self evaluate their career interests.