Panellist Interview: Julie Cochrane (Capita)

Julie Cochrane will be a part of one of our Panels at Social Recruiting Conference 2011 in London on June 30th. Julie is currently the CIPHER Delivery Manager – Government Interims at Capita. She has been working with Capita since November of 2009. Here is a preview of her experience within Social Recruiting and expectations at the conference on June 30th.

What has been your experience with Social Media Recruitment?
Our experience of Social Media Recruitment in the Managed Service Division has certainly been interesting and a massive learning curve.  The recruiters already used LinkedIn, however perhaps not to its fully potential and after investing in some workshops from Mark Williams of ETN Training all the recruiters are now being extremely effective in their approach.  We dabbled with Twitter and started of very enthusiastically, regularly tweeting, posting jobs, however we perhaps did not understand how time consuming it can be and it eventually became a place just to post jobs.  We have still not entered the world of Facebook.

After it became apparent that each Managed Service account and our internal recruitment teams were doing their own thing with regards to Social Media, we have now recruited a Content and Social Media Manager who will spend all his time writing a strategy and then implementing it across our business areas.

How have you benefited from recruiting with Social Media?

Managed Services has benefited from Social Media by making placements from interims that we have contacted via Linked In and from candidates who have applied for roles on Twitter.  We recognise that this is where our core candidates “hang out” and now appreciate we need to adopt a more formal strategy.

Could you give us a sneak peek of what you will be discussing in the Live Debate at the conference?

I will try to bring to the debate the importance of having a Social Media Strategy.  Although this was drummed into me at the very first Social Media Conference I attended, and as much as I thought we had one, it became clear quite early on that perhaps we had not considered everything. The biggest eye opener once we had started was the strain on resource, you absolutely need to have a dedicated person for Social Media and not as an add on to an employees current role

What will be the key takeaways from your session?

I think the key takeaways from my experience will be to make sure you have a recruitment strategy, including which channels are appropriate to your business, how much resource you will need to make it effective and the type of content.  Who will your market be and what would you like to achieve

What do you think your colleagues and fellow delegates will learn on the day?

I am hoping they will get a good insight into organisations who have used the various channels to see actual results (traffic and application increases).  Also, ways to get the employees within the organisation to become enthused about using social media in their day to day jobs, how can you make it a natural part of their job? How do you overcome a reluctant workforce?

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