Positips: Positive Tips about Your Company

So, the typical company reviews websites are abound with critical ratings of what it is like to work for an organisation. You tend to find a lot of negative reviews by current, past and disgruntled staff about how bad an employer is. That probably reiterates the human race’s natural cynical disposition. Or it perhaps states the facts as they are!

All of these data ranks the company, and influences their employer branding perception and reputation. Some of the platforms that offer this service are doing very well, and quite rightly so.

What if for once, people move from a cynical and negative demeanor and share what is really exciting about companies they work for. How about talking about positive tips about life as an employee at a company, especially for the benefit of future hires interested in these insights.

Enter Positips – a French based startup that is trying to crack this concept, and it has been designed as an mobile app, so people can be sharing their positive tips on the move.

You can download via App Store and Google Play.

According to Mamoudou Traoré, Founder at Positips РIt is a free mobile social network with one goal: foster the sharing of useful professional information that everyone of us has.

The purpose of this application is two fold:

  • Promote the exchange of professional information among members in a positive spirit.
  • Develop social recruiting by providing a super fast and easy way to share with your friends, your network job or internship opportunities you are aware of.

He also added that the application was also created so that employees can speak  and have a voice. At the moment, companies are ranked by members using a scoring algorithm, which comprises 16 criteria carefully selected around four main themes:

  • The company itself
  • The management
  • Their colleagues
  • The job you do

The app allows for job postings, and allows for registration with social identities, ie Facebook. Positips plan to improve the job matching and the companies menu, and create a mobile experience around Company reviews and career opportunities.

My initial reaction is that Positips is trying to push a positive spin to what may be viewed as ones opinions about a company, while perhaps sacrificing objectivity. But on reflection, this will not be an attempt to inaccurately review the overall company’s culture.

It is actually an acknowledgement and albeit, a celebration of the positive things that an individual experienced whilst working at a specific company – culture, relationship with managers, collegues and perhaps best pubs in that area (akin to tripadvisor or other food reviews site).

Their challenge will be growing a critical mass audience, that will be glad to sign up, rate companies and engage whilst using the app. Like we have seen with BranchOut’s pivot, building an audience is one hurdle, but getting them to come back and engage on the platform is another.

Positips are investing some resources on their English / International audiences, and recently launched their Android App and a few promotional, humouristic videos that explains need to learn about companies you want to work for. Video embeded is in French, but with English subtitle.

We know that bad news and negative reviews sells; but it doesn’t hurt to share some positive experiences related to our everyday work-life.