Qontext Joins as #SWCONF 2012 Sponsor

It’s our pleasure to announce Qontext have joined #SWCONF 2012 as Bronze Sponsor! George Reynolds MD CloudsMatter and Qontext UK Partner will be participating in the Panel debate on “Six Challenges to developing an Enterprise Social Business Strategy”.

Organizations are embracing the need for secure internal social networks as a way to eliminate “email tennis” between employees and enhance spontaneous collaboration. Software vendors are adding social media to their current applications and many companies offer stand alone systems. Yet many corporate users find the wide scale adoption of these systems fails.

In reality, business collaboration happens across departments, across geographies, and… across applications. A key success criteria is that the same social solution must work inside the applications that employees use every day. There is no point in availing of social media within a CRM system, if it does not allow contextual communication with admin and operational staff. Users don’t want multiple stand alone silos of information.

Qontext, a silicon valley startup, was awarded the Gartner cool vendor award in 2011 because of its ability to integrate a common social layer within the applications that employees use every day. Qontext can be seen as the enterprise glue that gives a simple way to pin records in any app (e.g. CRM, ERP, SharePoint, Project Management) with individual blogs.

Qontext appears as an extra tab within applications such as Salesforce.com, SugarCRM and NetSuite. It is the only social networking solution that can integrate inside any web application out of the box. No programming required. Qontext’s modular design also means that dropping Qontext components into another application is a snap. Third party, legacy and internally developed applications can easily be social-enabled. Qontext ActionStreams™ lets users define application triggers that notify them within Qontext of selected events – such as posting of a new large sales opportunity in the region, or a delay in purchase order fulfilment.

Business is socializing with a purpose. Qontext enables enterprises to have one unified social solution inside the applications their employees use every day. Try it for free www.qontext.com

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