Recruiting Candidates with Facebook Ads

We’re all used to Facebook ads at this point selling us products, trying to get us to sign up for a service, etc.

But have you seen any lately trying to hire you? Or perhaps the other way around, has your company paid to advertise to potential job seekers? In a move of “going where the talent is,” many companies are taking advantage of Facebook’s massive user base and starting to create targeted ads for people who could potentially work for them.

For example, if your company wants to hire recent university graduates to work in your marketing department at your London office, you can target people aged 18-22 (oops, age discrimination!) who are currently in school, live in the UK, and are interested in marketing.

As seen in the image on the right hand side, it’s a very small (and very focused) target.

As a real life example, consider Red Square Agency, a social media and digital marketing firm in Arizona. They ran Facebook ads that didn’t advertise that the company was hiring, didn’t advertise who they were or what they did, and yet they attracted a lot of attention. Their ads capitalized on a pop culture trend that was popular at the time, as you can see below.

(And yes, these ads were run on a Friday.)

I am not certain what their target was, but on my Facebook I’m a fan of “marketing” and “social media,” so I’m guessing that’s why I was presented the ad. After seeing it, I liked their page, went on their website, and discovered that they were hiring. Not too bad for an ad that is easy to make, and probably cost them around a dollar for my click.

The French company Work4Labs specializes in this practice. They run Facebook ads on behalf of your company in order to attract talent. What they are doing seems to be yielding some positive results. They have several case studies┬áincluding one for L’Oreal that generated 153 applicants, most of whom were qualified.

Stephane Le Viet will be discussing Facebook Recruiting at our Social Recruiting Conference in Paris on 1st December 2011. Work4Labs sponsored our previous events in London.