Social Career Websites: A Look at LinkedIn Careers

So we talk a lot about Career Websites, and their effectiveness (or not) – and in the Social Recruiting backdrop, Social Career Sites are now becoming rather popular. I’ll be sharing some thoughts on a few I find rather cool – combining a healthy dose of aesthetics and usability.

For now, I wanted to review the career pages of the largest Social channels used for Recruiting: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This will be a 3 part series, starting with LinkedIn Careers.

If you interested in working at LinkedIn, you will find yourself with a rather bland and basic LinkedIn careers page, which to be fair to them, looks exactly like all Company or Career pages on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is surely drinking their own cool aid!

The Careers Page gives you a short profile of LinkedIn (in my case LinkedIn Europe) and Jobs I may be Interested in, based on an analysis of my profile, experience etc.

On the right side, LinkedIn shows me how I am connected to them – via 1st level contacts who work at LinkedIn. And under that section, I can see some LinkedIn Recruiters who I can contact directly. There is a YouTube video spotlight embedded on the side too and below these a few links to Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. Within the main page, you see lots of recommendations or comments from LinkedIn employees on why you should work for them.

When you click the jobs, you see the very familiar job view like all jobs posted on LinkedIn, with options to Apply with LinkedIn or Apply with Resume (via Jobvite). I have never applied to work at LinkedIn so don’t know what the online application experience is like, but I assume it will be a simple and straightforwardly process. The jobs can be shared to a few social media platforms, but that option is tucked away on the right, in smaller icons.

LinkedIn has done really well, and continues to be a dominant Professional Networking platform. However, LinkedIn careers site lacks creativity (no I am not interested in flash or heavy graphics) and warmth that you’d wish for, with limited engaging content and a very conservative feel about it. I’d love to have seen their tweets embedded on the page with realtime conversations with candidates and/or customers. I sense this look may be reviewed and redesigned at some point to show more the fun side of working at LinkedIn. For now, my personal rating is 6/10.

My next Social Career Websites review will be on Thursday focused on Twitter Careers.

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