Social Career Websites: Lessons from Twitter Jobs

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about LinkedIn Careers where I reflected on its rather uninspiring and traditional layout. Today, the focus will be on Twitter Jobs.

The homepage welcomes you with a neat feel about it, and a invitation to Come Join the Flock. You’ll see a YouTube video on wide screen with the Twitter team waving – dressed in all formats; from jeans & t-shirts and suits & ties to smart trousers and dresses. This surely doesn’t ‘box’ working at Twitter into only a Gen-y or geekish culture, but one that seem to welcome and/or embrace all styles of personality. Flickr photo stream can be seen just underneath this.

Categories of Open Jobs are on the home page, and on click, you will see the listed jobs per section. There is not a search option or feature, but in reality what is the point of search, when you really want all your jobs out there for the best talent to see and apply. Homepage also shows tweets from Twitter employees talking about projects they are working on or just stuffs about/around Twitter.

The job view is full page width with no sidebar – but an Apply Button at the top corner, with some share icons. The Apply Button is powered by Jobvite, and allows you to either apply using a form, where you can include your twitter url OR an Apply with LinkedIn.

Overall Twitter Careers page is cool, neat and ‘does what it says on the tin’, while also showing the fun side of Twitter. I think this careers page balances nice design + job application functionality. And for this, my personal rating is 9/10. The next Social Career Websites review will be on Friday, and spotlight will be on Facebook Careers.