Social Intranets and Usability Testing (#SWCONF)

Presentation by Rita Chambers, e-Communications Manager, Sodexo at Social Workplace Conference 2012   

Rita presented a case study on how Sodexo tested usability across its social intranet, analysed the results and made iterations to continuously raise employee engagement with the intranet.

  1. Created information architecture working with the Group
  2. Identified new editors and publishers
  3. Conducted webinars with managers to promote awareness of the new intranet site
  4. Worked with the editors on their content specific site structures and created navigation accordingly
  5. Created editorial guidelines and identified new tools and applications
  6. Conducted training and testing
How the usability testing and analysis was conducted
  1. Role specific feedback was gathered by getting users to perform specific tasks: navigation, search, accessibility.
  2. The team worked to understand what people search for (i.e. “sick form” not “general certificate for absence”) and changed document titles to contain simple, common sense wording used by all employees – not jargon!
  3. They went back to the drawing board often, analysing results the changes brought in employee engagement, then iterated from there.
  4. A result from this usability testing process was improved an engagement level with many areas of the intranet.  There was a 21% higher response rate to the company’s Staff Survey in 2012  compared to 2010.
What does Sodexo get out of creating a social workplace?
Sodexo’s definition of a social workplace is a profession environment that enables employees to become social individuals – it includes everybody in the company.  The sense of belonging that comes with employees being able to engage will eventually drive greater growth and development, creating Social Employees.