Social Learning at Accenture (#SWCONF)

Presentation by Priya Banati, Collaboration strategy lead, Social Learning – Growth & Strategy at Social Workplace Conference #SWCONF2012 

Priya spoke about Accenture’s approach to enterprise collaboration, which the company considers to be a part of Learning and Knowledge Sharing.  As a consultancy Accenture look at and try out various solutions in order to evaluate them before recommending anything to their clients.

Accenture’s aim is to get people to come together in communities and help each other in their roles through the “three Cs” to help each other improve the quality of each other’s work:

Connect, Contribute & Cultivate.

The ultimate goal is cultivation: it’s about taking the ideas which have been contributed via people being more connected and creating something new out of the information they find.



Main takeaways from Priya’s presentation

Open communities can be much more effective at driving engagement than exclusive, closed ones

  1. More tangents mean more conversation
  2. A close shared interested does not always mean it’s a hot topic for conversation and collaboration
  3. Helping Managers to see this distinction has helped Accenture avoid building groups and communities which remain empty for lack of contribution

The signs of enduring engagement with a community

  1. People start feeling that they “belong to something” – the community becomes a vehicle for targeted collaboration
  2. Those that commit do so because they feel like they’re getting value
  3. Collective stewardship begins to happen, with a number of people driving participation

Let people make their own decisions about how they wish to become involved 

  1. Community “lurkers” are absolutely OK as community participants
  2. Lurkers can be quiet in some communities but active in others
  3. Priya noted that in a community you may have around 10% of participants being “champions” who contribute regularly and around 40% actively connected

Priya’s advice on setting up communities was not waiting until a problem occurred to fix it.  Identify a common need or purpose and construct activities which will make people come and discuss in more detail. Watch Priya’s interview where she talks Social Learning at Accenture.

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