Social Learning at Yammer: Thoughts for L&D

With our Social Learning Conference approaching fast, we couldn’t help noticing a blog posted by Yammer recently about how the company’s L&D team started to use their own tools to create a social environment for training.

Creating an environment where your employees can learn together, as well as from one another, has probably never been easier due to all the new technologies and social platforms that have “hit the shelves” over the past couple of years.

However, it’s probably never been harder to make a decision about the right kind of platform for your organisation and how to actually maintain it successfully.  The questions you’ll need to ask yourself these days might be endless and the subject matters can seem overwhelming:

  • do we have legacy systems that we can move over to our new platform?
  • should everyone in our company use this new technology?  What happens if some departments don’t like it?
  • is mobile learning important for my staff?  How can I make the most of it if we do embrace it?
  • …and then you’ll probably end up asking yourself “but what does going social actually mean for us?”

Often, it’s the very small steps that matter most. Small, manageable changes can be very effective and that’s why we really like Yammer’s blog post – it’s a reminder that small tweaks in one system or environment can mean so much in output.  

As the blogpost itself reminds us – don’t reinvent the wheel! Think about what’s happening already and how the new tools can solve existing problems rather then taking on the unknown. You’ll be able to measure the results much better and figure out what the data actually means when you have something to comparable it to.

This is also what we’re going to be focussing on during the Social Learning Conference – by running a number of informal unconference tracks, we want to bring together those working in L&D to talk about some of the challenges they face day-to-day and hear how other people might have overcome the very same problems.

By doing something simple again – bringing people from similar backgrounds in to one room to just talk about their experiences – can have profound results.  If you’d like to know more, visit the event website is here: