Social Collaboration with NoddlePod

NoddlePod is a Social Learning and Collaboration tool from NoddleSoft. It allows you to share your work, ideas, and contributions with other members of your team, while also allowing you to only view your own work whenever you desire.

This is done through the “pod,” which serves as the main community for your team’s work. Pods have a hierarchical format known as a “tree.” Within the tree, the pod’s administrator can set up an organizational structure that all other members of the team follow.

You can then add your own items (tasks, events, or notes) to the tree. With just one click, you can switch from viewing only your items, to viewing the items of your entire team. This allows you to focus on your work when necessary, but to share your ideas with others, and learn from others when you need help. Similar to Twitter’s two-panel view, you have the ability to open an item on your tree and display it alongside the tree on your screen.

This short video gives an introduction to what NoddlePod can offer you.

To learn more about NoddlePod, visit their website.