Social Learning in Workplace with Google+

After introducing branded pages earlier this month, Google+ is now increasing their offered features in order to draw more users. Many of these new features can highly benefit a companies internal communications strategy and enhance their workplace learning.

Trending topics and filtering

Without any announcement or promotion, Google+ rolled out trending topics similar to those in Twitter, as reported by They currently aren’t as advanced or focused as Twitter’s, but in time they should grow.

Their filtering allows you to search within their trending topics to see what content has been posted from people within their circles or extended networks. This can help companies track information posted from various departments or office locations, if they use Google+ as part of their internal communications strategy.

Mutual Chat

Another feature to come out this week allows people on Google+ to chat with people in their mutual circles, as reported by BlogHerald. This could be put to great use in the office. An employee at a company that uses Google Apps would most likely have circles set up for their departments and their contact people in other departments.

Chat with mutual friends allows for the breaking down of degrees of separation within the workplace. If someone from department A needs to talk to someone in department C, they no longer need to wait for someone in department B to connect them; they can simply browse through each department’s circles and find the person they need to contact.