Social Media at BBC: Staff Take Courses about Facebook

BBC recently announced slashing some of its operations, amidst pressures from him and them.

It has emerged today that it is sending thousands of its employees on a Social Media course related to Facebook and Twitter. The course is called Making the Web Work for You, and cost £100 per time. The BBC is getting ahead of its game on Social Media, after it hired a Social Media Manager.

This does demonstrate how BBC views Social Media amidst more criticism on  costs and some branding this as a ‘waste of money’.

However, a BBC spokesman defended the course – which she said was voluntary – stressing that it was about much more than using social networking sites.

She said: “This one day internal course is offered to BBC staff to help them develop effective and comprehensive internet research and social media skills for use in their jobs.”

I am unsure if this is the right way to go about it, but I guess the BBC should be able to have an inhouse trainer who can run basic courses within the organization on elementary use of Social Media. The truth is, many companies ought to be getting abreast with Social Media as this may potentially be the future of work.

A simple analogy was when Emails came in to replace Faxes (decades ago) within corporate communications.  Companies that shifted focus quicker, likely made faster progress within the Global economy.

Maybe the BBC has a point here – but this trainings can be done such that the public doesn’t brand these initiaves as carelessness with license fee payments.