Social Media: Connecting Recruitment & Marketing

One of the most powerful presentations at the Social Recruiting Conference on 30th June, 2011 was given by Quezia Soares, Recruitment Marketing Manager in Accenture UK. Her presentation highlighted how Social Media has blurred the lines between Recruitment & Marketing.

She pointed out that people always made decisions based on their physical & mental interactions with other people. Hence, in order to have an effective recruitment marketing, there is a need to focus on building meaningful relationship with the target audience rather than focusing on the process. Quezia considers social media to be an efficient way of building this meaningful relationship with the audience. But in order for the organisations to build the strongest relationship with the audience; they need to focus both on the traditional and the modern tools.

During her presentation, she introduced a new model for relationship based recruitment. The model consists of five stages: awareness, consideration, participation, joiner, and ambassador.

The first stage, which is the awareness stage, is about how employers must know their audience as much as they give the audience the chance to know them. The second stage, which is the consideration stage, is about building consideration beyond cultural aspects.

Moreover, the third stage, or the participation stage, involves employers treating the candidates the same way they treat their customers. The fourth stage, or the joiner stage, is about how employers should manage the people that do not join their company as well as the people who do join their company.

Finally the last stage, or the ambassador stage, is about how employers should make their existing Social Recruiters, hire their next recruiters. She highlighted the significance of convincing the internal employees about the importance of social media recruitment. Employers have to let their employees know who is going to manage this channel as well as the content of their message in social media. They also have to identify the risks and success in the path of using social media in the recruitment strategy.

Quezia shared that the relationship that Accenture builds with graduate candidates is different from the relationship it builds with experienced candidates.

In order to build a relationship with graduate candidates:

  • Accenture identifies clear target market within defined universities
  • Highly competitive marketplace
  • Builds profile and appeals over the longer term
  • Many don’t know what consulting is, let alone Accenture
  • Provides information in a fun and rewarding way

Accenture ran a graduate campaign on Facebook, and back then the likes was increased dramatically, with over 3000 applications from students from a wide spread of Universities.

Building relationship with experienced candidates is more complicated than graduate candidates as the audience is more dispersed. Experienced candidates know Accenture or they may know people who are familiar with Accenture, and there is a chance of misconceptions drawn from word of mouth. Accenture builds an insight driven relationship with these experienced candidates.

She finished her presentation with introducing a model of Risk Management that consists of three levels; the first level is talent pipeline, the second level is networking event, and finally the highest level is advertising and social media. Find the slides below for reference.