Social Media in HR Conferences

Last week, we launched a new Crexia’s website. The aim was to actually bring all our Conference brands under one roof, so they can work better with each other.

But, we also wanted to define our business, as a Social Media in HR conferences company, focused on Social Recruiting, Social Workplace and Social Learning events, with plans to grow organically and globally.

Our target audience for these unique and niche Social HR conferences are likely within similar departments or cross-functional units, and it does make sense to expand the events portfolio on one domain name.

I think we have part accomplished what we set out to do in terms of branding and co-marketing. The other part is to fully promote the conferences in their own right, but with a strong core within the central Crexia banner.

What we didn’t quite do is unveil a brilliantly aesthetics website! This was going to be a part of the plan, but we kept asking ourselves – who we are and what do we do? The messaging became more relevant than the messenger, and we opted for a rather simple, and straigh-forwardly feel, albeit, in this first installation.

We wanted old and especially new visitors to know what we are about in less than 10 seconds, with minimal clicks. A future redesign (in a couple of months time) will take into consideration user behaviour from the data we collate from this current look.

Besides, since all the conference sites have been redirected (over the weekend), we want to run a text-based site for a few months in order to ensure we can claw back some of the expected rankings lost in search engines, for these domain name and website moves.

So, this is who we are – and we hope it is functional for all.