Social Media in Recruitment: REC Guide

Social networking is revolutionising the way in which the recruitment industry operates.

To help recruiters harness and benefit from the new online channels now available to them, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has launched a new practical guide, “Social Media in Recruitment”.

A comprehensive insight into how to start using social media, the guide’s advice comes from five experts, who are already successfully use social networking in their recruitment businesses.

The guide’s publication builds on a think tank report by Demos which predicted a significant change in the recruitment landscape due to social media and the interactive Web 2.0.

Commenting on the new guide, Roger Tweedy, the REC’s Director of Research, said: “The original Demos report was a real wake-up call for the recruitment industry.

Social media is now a major communication channel for so-called Generations X and Y, so it’s imperative that the recruitment industry harnesses the opportunities it brings. The REC is committed to showing best practice and help members use these tools now at their disposal.

“This guide provides information on how to start developing networks to win more work, develop large candidate pools and tap into talent for clients from non-traditional areas.”

The guide highlights the extent to which social networking is now used in the UK:

• Of the 37 million people aged 15 and over accessing the internet in May 2009, 29.4 million visited at least one social networking site with Facebook the most popular site, an increase of 57 per cent in usage on the previous year

• The most dramatic rise was in the use of with visits to the site growing more than 3,000 per cent to 2.7 million in the year between May 2008 and 2009

• LinkedIn, the most popular professional social network, now has 2.5 million users in the UK

Areas covered include tips for the social media amateur, LinkedIn for recruiters and developing an effective corporate social networking strategy.

The REC is planning to provide seminars on “How to get the best from social media” late in 2010. For a copy of the guide “Social Media in Recruitment”, please visit the website, click here (You have to be an REC Member to download).