Social Media Recruiting And The Future of ATS

One of the issues heavily discussed within the Social Media Recruiting circle is how Employers can track the source of applications made by candidates that have been engaged with, via Social Networks and Social Media tools.

I know url shortening services like and can provide you with number of clicks, source etc. But how about a Social Media Recruiting ATS? Will Jobvite fill that vacuum? Or has it?

I am unsure if any of the existing Application Tracking Systems (ATS) have developed a unique tool that can easily track lots of analytics related to jobs applied for, for example via Facebook and Twitter, and manage the whole hiring process.

It is one thing to engage candidates on Facebook and Twitter, and then send them to a cumbersome and 5 paged online recruitment forms. It will be great to see simpler job application forms in the future, and ones with dropdowns like:

Where did you find this job?

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube Video

Some of the things that a Social Media Recruiting ATS must track, amongst others are the following:

  • Number of Job Views
  • Number of Job Clicks
  • Number of Job Applications
  • Job Unique Visitors
  • Number of Views Vs Applications
  • Number of Related Jobs Applied for
  • and lots more …

Major ATS companies like Taleo, CATs, HR Smart, JobPartners, Simplicant etc currently cater for small and large companies at the moment and am sure they deliver excellent service via the traditional methods of candidates attraction and applications handling.

But what will be the ATS and Candidate Management Systems of the future that is fully designed for Social Media Recruitment? And will companies eventually use services that allow people to apply for jobs without neccesarily leaving sites like Facebook or Twitter?