Social Media Recruiting: Fish Where The Fishes Are

One of the key areas around defining a Social Media Recruiting Strategy is the ability to determine where the right audience is. You might want to consider issues like: who are your candidates and where are they? Knowing who your candidates are is probably the easier part.

They may be categorized by the skills they possess and experience in that domain. For some Gen Y roles, this may also be segmented into what Universities they attend, academic backgrounds, where they live, grades and experiences while studying.

The next stage is to research on which tools or platforms these candidates might be present on or actively involved in. Social Media recruiting doesn’t imply that you must use all the technologies available. It is important to note that your Social Recruiting strategy should focus more on where you can engage with the kind of talent you recruit for, and hence attract, source and hire them.

Hence, it is relevant to use a natural analogy: Fish where the fishes are. By doing so, you can focus your energies and investments on particular Social Media tools that has the potentials of generating better return on involvement, based on its likely presense of your audience. That doesn’t mean you should not be open and active in other sites.

It is of no use setting up a Facebook page or Twitter profile, without spending time to engage with candidates on these channels. Just because Company ‘A’ has these accounts, doesn’t mean you must do the same. Something many people don’t appreciate are profiles with little or no interest in engaging with a community. Hence, if you will invest time on Twitter rather than Facebook, so be it, provided you are actually involved with the audience.

While it is advisable to ‘Fish where the Fishes are’, please ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. Remember the sad story of bebo. Focus and Flexibility are key to your Social Recruiting strategy.