Will 2010 See A 100% Social Media Recruiting Site?

By the end of 2009, recruiters following social recruiting where quite involved with LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook. About 25% of UK companies where using social networks for recruiting.

Although LinkedIn was created for a more professional and business audience, it has evolved to be a great tool for sourcing talent and hiring candidates. LinkedIn accelerated that market by introducing more recruiter-friendly tools, like LinkedIn Recruiter and a host of otherĀ  hiring tools.

We have also experienced more usage of Facebook by major brands for generic social media campaigns, as well as for Recruitment campaigns, especially Graduate recruitment. Smart recruiters are also sourcing talent via Twitter and their is now even talk of Twitter as the Future of Job Boards.

Amongst all these experimentations, imagine if their is a real social media tool that was designed for recruiters and job seekers alike – a social recruiting tool that is somewhere in the middle; not a massive web 1.0 typical job board nor an generic web 2.0 social networking site. A social media site where everyone involved in, who signs up, are there for one purpose – jobs. A website that could be called Social Recruiting Community.

LinkedIn will have passed for something similar, but for its initial bias for business networking, and the fact the millions of LinkedIn users are not actually interested in getting a new job, it doesn’t exactly sit within a Social Media Recruiting site.

Monster is on the web 1.0 end of the spectrum, and everyone who adds his CV on the database, will be expecting cold calls from recruiters, asking them the same typical questions about their career and probably trying to sell them jobs that don’t fit.

Whatever this new Social Media Recruiting site will be, it must command a critical mass appeal, attract high usage worldwide and have all elements of social media within it. It could be a place where everyone who signed up and joined is there for a possible job opportunity, where they are more than willing to have conversations – both open and private, on potential jobs, whereever that might be. Of course, users may elect to share as much information as they wish (just like current social media sites today), but the main mission of engagement and the conversations will be for employment purposes.

Also, the recruiters using the community will have a chance to become friends or network with these candidates and interact with them, and have conversations about likely assignments that might interest the candidates. In this kind of a market (or community, shall I say), the quality and personality of the hiring managers and recruiters, will more than likely determine if a particular talent will be interested in progressing with a role or not.

The social media community may allow points based or some kind of scoring mechanism where candidates can rate recruiters on several parameters. We know what happens with this – the bad guys are caught out, while the more resourceful and responsible recruiters are greatly rewarded. For this kind of community to work, the barriers of entry must be very low and the platform must be very easy, addressing all the negatives of the web 1.o Monsters and web 2.0 Twitters.

Recruitment is a massive industry, and a lot of companies have invested greatly on technology, sales and marketing in the last decade to showcase their website as the platform of choice for jobs, connecting recruiters and candidates. Maybe someone out there is thinking of a social media recruiting site, or already developing one; a site that is truly and 100% created for social recruiting. Maybe this site will be launched in 2010. Or maybe in 10 years time.

4 thoughts on “Will 2010 See A 100% Social Media Recruiting Site?

  1. Vic Okezie

    Hmm – not really. A social media site (like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook), that has all social networking elements, but that was actually created for recruiting. It will go beyond a job board with forums. In fact, it will be more of a Social Media platform than a Job board.

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  3. Steve Langton

    I think this site is as close to a 100% Social Media Recruiting Site as possible. It auto posts your jobs to all the major social networks and blogs using it’s unique job posting engine.
    Employers can harness the power of Social Networking in their recruitment process by creating their own job channels on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and increase their chances of job referrals because of the viral nature of these networks.
    Huge numbers of passive candidates can also be reached who can follow your jobs at their leisure on sites like Facebook and Twitter from wide array of devices including mobile phones.
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