Social Media Recruiting Tool:

We are seeing more Social Media Recruiting tools that could take advantage of the gradual shift to technologies that power Jobs distribution on Social Media sites and engagements with candidates.

I have been playing with for a while. It is more of a Jobs publishing tool, that post jobs for recruiters and companies to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and over 200 social media websites.

One of the main features of the site is Personalized Job Posting, where they presented a very open and honest reality about the jobs searching process:

People like talking to people. Candidates are people. Which means… your personalized job postings will get better results than traditional ones ever have. Allow candidates to reach you on their preferred networks, join your talent pool, and keep up with your job postings. Generally: be human, and grow your brand.

They recognize Facebook as a high trafficked and engaging website that will be best suitable to distribute jobs to people and their networks. Hence, you can put your jobs where people spend most of their time, and so they can apply  for these jobs without ever leaving Facebook.

Jobmagic does have a feature that allows candidates to “Ask the Recruiter” questions. The concept is based on the fact that the best candidates are on and off the market quickly and you need them to be talking directly to you from the beginning of their job search.

Ask the Recruiter should help you establish yourself as a trust agent with the best candidates, and you’ll become their career agent. This doesn’t neccessarily mean that a recruiter will be having direct multilogues, but seems more like a Career Q&A service.

It will be interesting to see how Jobmagic grows, with more real time and engaging features, as more Social Media Recruiting tools enter the mix.