Social Media Recruiting Training

Following last week’s Social Media in Recruitment Conference, we are now fully shifting focus of this website from a Research and resource platform for Social Recruiting to a Social Media Recruiting Consultancy. This has always been the plan in a way, but we needed to get a better understanding of employer’s interests in the subject itself, as a direct sourcing and engaging tool.

And while at the conference in London, I had several conversations with HR professionals and recruiters who were really keen on exploring Social Media as a recruiting channel, and who will need a hands-on, 1-on-1 assistance in taking full advantage of Social Recruiting, not just a series of general presentations.

Hence, from summer 2010, we will start running Social Media Recruiting Training courses across the UK, and also provide in-house Social Media Recruiting Advisory, Strategy and Consultancy to Employers in the UK and abroad.

Based on our research, a few companies have been running workshops in the last few months on this subject, and we are now looking at complementing their efforts.

The courses will be designed for Beginners level and Advanced users of Social Media Recruiting, as well as Strategy Level workshops for HR Directors and Senior decision-makers in leading companies. More details regarding these plans will be made available at a later date.

This website will continue to provide relevant and researched based information and blogs on Social Recruiting, as it develops across the world – but of course, we will also try and focus on case studies in the UK or ones we may be working on for current and future clients.

At the moment, we are creating new pages on our website – a lot actually, as you may have noticed, and those links will be live by next week. For now, do enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend – if you are in the UK. For the rest of the world, bonne weekend aussi!