Social Recruiter Refreshes Website

We are very pleased to present our recently refreshed website. About 6 months ago, we attempted to create a site that reflects what we are about and where are going. This new redesign is a realization of that initial thinking, with a view to represent our current business objectives and focus for the future.

Back then, we wanted to create something that wasn’t too corporate nor casual; not too classy nor cosmetic. We were trying to find some space; somewhere in the middle. Our efforts received some feedback, both positive and negative. But we never got around to addressing them all.

However, with the launch of the Social Recruiting Conference website’s wordpress theme, which was created by Crexia, we sort of fell in love with that designs simplicity, flexibility and authenticity. Thus, we decided to rebrand Social Recruiter to take some elements of the conference’s website.

After sharing the initial layouts of the new site with some design specialists, we are glad to have finally achieved a simple and subtle; warm and welcoming website, that professionally presents our services, without losing its sincerity.

We have created a homepage that gives our visitors a clearer picture of what we do, with some more clarity and attentiveness to usability. It has also been designed with a rich SEO internal structure to ensure we continue to remain visible in search engines for relevant keywords.

Find below a screenshot of our old website. Can you spot the big difference? Which is cooler?

As always, we will be open to feedback and suggestions, and improvements to our new design. But for now, this is who we are.