Social Recruiting and the Year 2010

Most of 2009 saw the phrase social recruiting streaming into the ears of recruiters and hiring managers. Many where asking – what is this again?

The rapid growth of social networks and social media as a business tool in the last few years and the slow economy, seemingly gave rise to this new phenomenon – social recruiting – as a tool for HR managers.

Last year, I spent some time studying the progress of its acceptance in mainstream recruiting, and tracked some adoption in quite a few major companies. With a busy end to 2009, I took some time off to complete a few long term recruitment assignments within International markets.

Now, I am back on here, and will focus on the social recruiting website for the foreseable future.

We will be redesigning our website (again!) in a few days, to make it look more blog-like than corporate, and try to create the social media recruiting blog of choice. The new version will write more articles around how social recruiting is growing in 2010 and try to make reasonable predictions of its acceptance and integration into the lives of the everyday hiring manager.